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  • My family and I are new to Chickens and Lovely Hen gave us great instructions on how to raise our brand new flock. Their chicken coops are so cute and sturdy. The chickens love it and so do the children. - Melissa Schultz

  • Nice day to pick some chickens .. Father & Sons..

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  • Thank You Lovely Hen

    I ordered this beautiful olive egger at just 4 weeks old. Shes 5 months now and filling out beautifully.
    Amy Chase”

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Cochin Chicken

One of the old Cochin varieties. These are like giant "snowballs", with masses of soft, white, downy plumage. They are beautiful birds of quiet disposition and outstanding for exhibition.

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Lovely Hen Chicken Coop ( 4x2x4)

4 Pullets Included

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Beautiful Colored Egg Layers.

Rare Breed Chickens.

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Brown Egg Layers

The Barred Rock is a layer of an example amount of light brown/medium -large eggs. She will lay 4 eggs per week or 200+ per year.

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Lovely Hen

Exoctic Rare Breed Chickens.

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