Shipping Chicks From Lovely Hen

Shipping Chicks From Lovely Hen

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce that I'm now shipping day old chicks to my customers from The Lovely Hen. If you're interested in raising your own backyard chickens, this is a great opportunity to get some healthy and adorable chicks. To order your chicks, please visit You can choose from different breeds and colors. The price is $varies per chick, plus shipping and handling. I only ship within the US. Shipping variables are out of my control. We do not replace or issue refunds for Mishandle Packages or shipments. Lovely Hen Cannot control USPS or there shipping! We are Not responsible for mishandled packages. Every Package is insured and claims will be made to USPS by customer. Here's a picture of some of the chicks I shipped recently:

chickens day old

Shipping day old chicks can be stressful for Chicks. I use special boxes that have ventilation holes and a heat pack to keep the chicks warm and comfortable. I also include some feed and fresh veggies to keep them hydrated and nourished. The chicks are shipped via express mail and usually arrive within 24-48 hrs later.

We have lots of chicks to choose from please visit

I hope you enjoy your new feathered friends. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support!
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