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lovely hens

Barnyard Mixed Hatching Eggs

Barnyard Mixed Hatching Eggs

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Includes 12 hatching eggs  a Mixture of Exotic breeds Pearl LegHorn, Polish Leghorn, Frizzle, Silkie, Blue Cochin, barred Rock, Maran Mixes and so many More. You will be sure to end up with a beautiful mixed chicken flock
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Barnyard Chicken– A mixed breed chicken.

12 Day Old Chicks

The day-old chicks need to be kept at a constant 95° their first week, 90° the second week, and so on (reducing 5° per week) until they're five to six weeks old or reach the ambient outdoor temperatures. A 250-watt, red infrared heat lamp suspended over the middle of the brooder is the recommended source for this heat.

Customer Reviews

I Purchased my mom and all my sisters lovely hen T shirts. They love them every time.
Sarah McNeil.

  • Lovely Hen Silkie

    My Silkies are so beautiful ! Thank you Lovely Hen.

    Samantha Tate

  • Pullet

    She is doing great. Lovely Hen has made my backyard a dream.

    Andrea Lopez’