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Chicken Laying Nest 5 Compartments 46.1"x13"x15" Solid Pine Wood

Chicken Laying Nest 5 Compartments 46.1"x13"x15" Solid Pine Wood

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Number of Packages:1 parcel

Size:46.1" x 13" x 15"


This wooden nesting box will provide your chickens a comfortable and sheltered place to lay eggs!


The 5 spacious compartments allow 5 small hens to settle and lay eggs. The eggs will gently fall through the holes on the floor and into the underlying drawer, which makes it easy to pick up eggs. Removable bottom layer allows you to clean up easily. Perches can be folded up to prevent night roosting. The flat roof makes it comfortable for hens to settle in and also allows you to easily stack several nesting boxes up. You can check our shop for chicken nesting boxes with sloping roof.


Made from solid pine wood and MDF, the poultry laying nest is built for long-term use. The nesting box is easy to assemble.

  • Color: Brown and natural wood color
  • Material: Solid pine wood + MDF
  • Dimensions: 46.1" x 13" x 15" (W x D x H)
  • For small chickens
  • With 5 compartments
  • Foldable perch
  • Removable bottom layer
  • California Proposition 65


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Barnyard Chicken– A mixed breed chicken.

12 Day Old Chicks

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