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The Lovely Hen

2 Silkie Satin 0-4 weeks old

2 Silkie Satin 0-4 weeks old

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You will receive 2 Satin Silkies 0-4 weeks old. Satin Silkie chickens are not only distinctive in their physical appearance, but also in their feathering texture. With a variety of colors and feather patterns, these astounding birds are something beyond extraordinary. These fuzzy-looking chickens are everyone’s favorite worldwide.

It is noteworthy that Satins and Silkie are two different chicken varieties. Silkies first came into the poultry domain and from which the Satin is being developed as a project breed. Satin Silkie chickens have a much smoother feathering and are, no doubt, beautiful to look at. They will lay tan small sized eggs.

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Barnyard Chicken– A mixed breed chicken.

12 Day Old Chicks

The day-old chicks need to be kept at a constant 95° their first week, 90° the second week, and so on (reducing 5° per week) until they're five to six weeks old or reach the ambient outdoor temperatures. A 250-watt, red infrared heat lamp suspended over the middle of the brooder is the recommended source for this heat.

Customer Reviews

I Purchased my mom and all my sisters lovely hen T shirts. They love them every time.
Sarah McNeil.

  • Lovely Hen Silkie

    My Silkies are so beautiful ! Thank you Lovely Hen.

    Samantha Tate

  • Pullet

    She is doing great. Lovely Hen has made my backyard a dream.

    Andrea Lopez’