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Wooden Chicken Coop Hen House with Doors for Ventilation, Runs and Nesting Box XH

Wooden Chicken Coop Hen House with Doors for Ventilation, Runs and Nesting Box XH

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[Versatile Pet Hutch]: The pet hutch is not only suitable for chickens, but also good for rabbits, dogs and hamsters.

[High-grade Material]: This wooden chicken coop is made of pine, plastic board, and galvanized wire mesh, rather reliable with stable structure.

[Various Areas]: Including a nesting box, a resting box and 2 large boxes for walking or running, the hen house enables your pets to play and resting happily.

[Removable Tray]: A removable tray is designed on the bottom of the rest box, wallowing you to clean the waste of your pets to keep the pets’ hygiene.

[Well-made Wooden Standing Frame]: To cater to the chickens’ living habit, a wooden standing frame is equipped. It also improves the stability of the chicken coop.

[Lockable Doors]: There are lockable doors in the hutch to keep your pets inside and protect them from predators efficiently.

[Water-proof Asphalt Felt]: The water-proof asphalt felt on the top of the nesting box and rest box will prevent the chickens from rain and ultraviolet ray.



Color: Gray

Material: Pine+Plastic Board+PVC+Galvanized Iron

Net Weight: 70.6 lbs

Overall Dimensions: 112.4"L x 28.7"W x 37"H

Overall Nesting Box Dimensions: 28"L x 14"W x 18.5"H

Inside Nesting Box Dimensions: 23.2"L x 12.4"W x 17.7"H

Overall Resting Box Dimensions: 36.6"L x 25.6"W x 27.2"H

Resting Box Door Dimensions: 23.2"L x 26.4"W

Each Cage for Running Dimensions: 35.4"L x 26.4"W x 25.6"H

Each Door of the Cage for Running Dimensions: 24"L x 24"W

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Barnyard Chicken– A mixed breed chicken.

12 Day Old Chicks

The day-old chicks need to be kept at a constant 95° their first week, 90° the second week, and so on (reducing 5° per week) until they're five to six weeks old or reach the ambient outdoor temperatures. A 250-watt, red infrared heat lamp suspended over the middle of the brooder is the recommended source for this heat.

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Sarah McNeil.

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    Samantha Tate

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    She is doing great. Lovely Hen has made my backyard a dream.

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